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July 17 EOD News

Day 2 MECQ Season 1

° IATF asked: Exempt Cebu City outbound LSIs from travel ban
° 427 Cebu City Jail inmates recover from Covid-19
°PNP, CH ‘working hand in hand’ in house-to-house visits
° LTFRB-7: 10 buses may ply Cebu City for MECQ
° DepEd-7 needs help from Cebu City for students’ tablets
° Red Cross’ largest molecular lab in the Visayas opens in Mandaue
° Basilica prepares reopening as personnel recover from COVID-19

° Clark airport’s new terminal operational by January 2021
° Davao de Oro requests suspension of Hatid-Probinsya
° Pine tree moth discovered in Baguio
° 9 BIR personnel quarantined after contact with Covid-19 patient in Bacolod
° RANDOM SHOTS: Hawksbill sea turtle lays eggs at Duka Bay Resort in Misamis Oriental
° Cagayan de Oro total confirmed cases now 108 as of July 17, 2020
° 1,841 new cases in the country total of 63,001

° Shark pulls 10-year-old boy from boat and attacks him off Australian coast
° US Navy aircraft carriers resume rare dual exercises in the South China Sea
° Canada to inessential US travelers: Please stay home
° Russia likely tried to interfere in UK election, government says
° Bacteria that eats metal accidentally discovered by scientists

° Xander Ford, iniladlad ang tunay na kasarian
° Kim Atienza quashes fake news saying he was shot, critically injured: “Still alive and working, kahit walang franchise”
° Angelica Panganiban appeals on behalf of ABS-CBN workers: “Tratuhin niyo naman kaming mga tao.”
° Netizens decoding Clint Bondad cryptic posts reach more than 1M


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